Mechanical Fabrication

Mechanical Fabrication


Thriving to reshape the mechanical fabrication industry, we have remained the pioneers in this field by the implementation of various sophisticated machines to carry out the process in a cost-effective manner while maintaining industry grade standards. Complied with expert man force and competent operations, you can expect some highly fabricated component all under one roof.



We imply the latest and the greatest of what is available in cutting of materials. Technology such as plasma torches, water jets, and lasers are used on a broader scale. There are options for the clients to choose from the full range of offerings based on the complexity of the project.



Machines do the overall process of bending. But these are no ordinary ones but have some immaculate pressure exerting forces to fold the material into any form. But usually, we imply the usage of brake press.



Punching a hole doesn’t require much force to get the job done. Thus, we use specific dies and place it with our brake press to get the desired shape onto the material.



The process of shearing is straightforward. Merely is making an extended cut on the piece of metal. All of which is done on sheet metal.



Stamping is sampling to punching. But in this case, the material isn’t cut out but given shape or an extruded pattern onto the material.



We imply various types of welding machines such as GMAW, GTAW, arc welding, and acetylene welding.